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Maroon Asteria

Skull Crystal Salt Lamp USB Dimmable

Skull Crystal Salt Lamp USB Dimmable

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1. The Himalayan salt lamp is made of crystalline powdered salt mined at the edge of the Himalayas-the only place where you can buy authentic Himalayan salt powder
2. Himalayan pink salt crystals are mined, then hollowed out and light bulbs are installed to provide light and heat
3. Air purification releases negative ions. Air uses the attached 5 watt bulb to heat the salt to produce the same effect as a natural negative ion generator and purify the air.
4. Relieve stress: Once lit, the emission light will soothe amber color to create mood lighting, which can enhance your mood and relieve stress
5. Radiation protection: when the lamp is lit, electromagnetic waves will be emitted, natural adjustment and suppression of high-frequency electromagnetic waves generated by electrical appliances


Light source type: led light
Voltage: ≤36V (V)
Shade material: resin
Style: Cartoon
Average service life: 100000 (h)
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Applicable place: bedroom
Light color: warm light

Package Content:
1 x Lamp

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